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The Sorority Brat: Princess Bitch Fem Dom, Cuckold and Sissy Boy Erotic MP3 Audio Recordings
08-04-2013 06:33:26

Seriously hot, sensual and wickedly dominant, the Sorority Brat delivers extra sexy mp3 audio recorded mind fuck.. Read More
Mistress Mallory Troy, Sensual Female Domination for Worship Sluts and Submissive Males
08-04-2013 06:25:27

On your knees is where you'll be when you hear this fem dom's deliciously soft and sensual voice. Oh yes boys, M.. Read More
Feminized Mind Fuck Sissy Transformation MP3 Audio from The Sorority Brat
31-03-2013 19:29:34

Slip on your headphones and take a journey into total feminization at the skilled hands and wickedly kinky mind .. Read More
Get Humiliated By A Hot, Fem Dom Princess Brat. MP3 Audio Recording for Losers.
19-03-2013 11:28:06

Face it, you're a fucking loser. A fist fucking jerk off who can't get a hot girl to notice him unless he's got .. Read More
Suck Dick for a Hot Princess! MP3 Audio Fem Dom and Sissy Boy Mind Fuck from Princess Jericah
19-03-2013 11:22:35

She's hot and sexy as hell on this one. Feeding your hungry sissy boy dick loving mouth a juicy piece of cock me.. Read More

Cuckold? Submissive Male? Sissy Boy? Your Hot Cheating Wife is waiting... Erotic MP3s.

01-11-2012 17:59:33
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Cuckold? Cream Pie? Submissive Husband? Suck Cock for your hot cheating wife? Hot, sexy cuckold erotic mp3 audio recordings.

I know... at first it upset you... the thought of your beautiful wife, your faithful wife, indulging herslf, indulging and satisfying her sexual needs with other men. Real men with big cocks, much bigger than yours. Yes, it was difficult, hard to accept your lack of ability... your lack of a satisfactory cock and to know that your wife needed more, a lot more, in the dick department. But, you've come to accept it, in fact, you've come to embrace it. And while at first it may have been uncomfortable hearing her tell you what a hot slut she became with a fat cock sliding into her pussy, up her ass and down her throat, of how she begged well hung men to slam her full of dick, to stuff her, impale her and fuck her senseless, you discovered that it turned you on. Oh yes, darling, it did. And watching your sexy, hot wife get fucked, or drop to her knees and suck, slobber and swallow a superior large cock made your inferior, small dick very, very hard... didn't it? There's no shame in that, no shame in accepting your place as a beta male, serving your wife, making sure all her needs are met and if that involves being a cuckold, being humiliated, being a sissy boy cock sucker, her personal fluffer, sucking and licking and preparing her stud to fuck her again, well that's what a good little cuckold husband does now, isn't it? After all, you love your cheating, slutty wife, love to see her sexually fulfilled, right? Of course you do...

We've got lots of hot cuckold and sissy boy humiliation recordings here at Sex Fantasy MP3s. All types of hot tales and audio delights for you to experience the hot rush of submission to a beautiful goddess and be her perfect cuckold. From watching your wife get fucked as you kneel at the foot of the bed or in the closet, to lowering your head between her parted legs as she tells you all about the stud or studs, perhaps the big, black cock, that fucked her so good, fucked her so deep, made her cum all over his massive dick until finally exploding his own hot cum load, his sticky, creamy jizz into her and you begin to lick, suck and swallow his cum as it slides out of her pussy or her tight round ass, Maybe you'd like to go further, further down into submission and service to your wife? Perhaps you want to be her cock sucker? How does that sound? No judgements here, just fantasy fulfilment. Have you thought how hot it would be to be on your knees... that fat, thick cock head slipping into your mouth, your tongue swirling around the head, so warm and meaty? Hmmm? Yeah, imagine your mouth, your lips, stretching over that fat cock... sliding further down his superior dick as your wife, one hand stroking his meat, the other gently pushing you down on his dick, whispers in your ear, encouraging you to suck his dick, suck a hot cock for her, be her little cucky cock sucking faggot... such a hot, sexy and erotic fantasy.

Perhaps you'd like to be dressed up, feminized, made to be a very hot little cock slut for your cheating wife and maybe, her friends, too? Let yourself explore your sexuality, your needs as a submissive beta male with the hottest dominant female voices in mp3 adult erotic audio. Our hot fem dom's know how to cuckold you, take you down into the sweet warmth of total submission, whether you're a clean up boy for the hot cum that drips from her well fucked pussy, or whether you want to slip into some panties, stockings and make up and suck hot dick for her, our mp3s will give you exactly what you need to get off, again and again...

Here's a hot sampling of just some of our best cuckold, sissy boy and feminization recordings.... indulge yourself and your cravings with the best in erotic, sensual mp3 audio erotica.

From fem dom goddess Becca Darling, here's "I Made Him Suck My Stud's Dick"
"I Made Him Suck My Stud's Dick" is a hot and erotic cuckold and sissy boy cock sucker humiliation mp3 audio sex fantasy and fetish recording from that sexy fem dom goddess Becca Darling for your iPod or other mp3 player.

From the deliciously wicked mind of Mistress Victoria Cox, this is from her series of hot cuckold recordings, "Chronicles of a Cuckolding Wife"...
"Clean Up In Aisle P" is a hot and sexy cuckold and cheating wife fetish mp3 audio mind fuck sex fantasy recording from Mistress Victoria Cox for Sensual Bitch Premium Erotica

Experience the cock hardening voice and exquisite humiliation of Princess Porsha Rajal in her hot "Clean Up My Cream Pie Cunt" cuckold mp3 audio....
"Clean Up My Cream Pie Cunt" is a hot and erotic cuckold and cream pir fetish mp3 audio erotica mind fuck from that sexy bitch, Princess Porsha Rajal for Sensual Bitch Premium Erotica. Another reason to stroke your throbbing dick and worship this goddess.

Coraleen, of the Princess Club Girls is a sexy voiced mind fuck who loves to cuckold and dominate weak, submissive males. Experience her hot control and manipulation in "Cuckold For Princess, Part One"...
"Cuckold For Princess, Part One" is a hot and erotic cuckold and fem dom princess fetish mp3 audio recording from Coraleen of the Princess Club Girls for Sensual Bitch Premium Erotica. Stroke and cum you pathetic little cucky bitch boy while princess laughs her ass off.

Princess Jericah is one deliciously hot and dominating young bitch. She's the perfect mind fuck with a voice that gets inside your head and controls you completely. She's your hot, young wife with a taste for big cock and cuckolding you totally in "That's It Darling, Suck His Dick!"
"That's It Darling, Suck His Dick!" is a hot and erotic cuckold and sissy boy cock sucking fetish mp3 audio mind fuck fem dom recording from that young, dominating bitch, Princess Jericah for Sensual Bitch Premium Erotica. Just another reason you'll make a sticky mess all over your iPod or other mp3 player.

The Sorority Brat is a seriously sexy, teasing and taunting slice of pure fem dom goddess. Her voice is off the charts and she delivers the hot, sexy goods in "Filthy Little Cuckold For Your Hot Wife", one of her latest cuckold mp3 audio mind fucks...
"Filthy Little Cuckold For Your Hot Wife" is a hot and sexy fem dom and cuckold humiliation erotic mp3 audio mind fuck fetish recording from that sexy bitch, The Sorority Brat.

Like I said, this is just a small sampling of our super hot cuckold mp3s...

Check out all of our cuckold and cheating wife mp3s here....



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