"Homewrecker" A Princess Jericah Fem Dom Humiliation and Wallet Fucking Erotic MP3 Audio

"Homewrecker" A Princess Jericah Fem Dom Humiliation and Wallet Fucking Erotic MP3 Audio
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"Homewrecker" is a hot fem dom humiliation, wife abuse and financial domination erotic mp3 audio adult porn recording from that ultra bratty, and oh so sexy young bitch, Princess Jericah. Drop to your knees and suck her jelly dong strap on cock while she fucks you over financially and exposes you to your wife as the weak, submissive dong sucking slut for her you are.


Oh yes she is.... a heartless, cruel little fem dom bitch who doesn't give a fuck about the damage and destruction she causes around town with that sexy, princess body and her spoiled, dominant and bitchy attitude. She specializes in enslaving weak, submissive men like you, using their kinks and fetishes to control and manipulate their cocks and their minds.... and of course, their finances. This bitch loves nothing more than draining you and your family dry, making you an addicted, full blown atm cash cock for her personal needs. And she loves to destroy your marriage along the way... not that you didn't want her too. Oh no, you begged this hot, young money hungry goddess to totally fucking ruin you... and she's very happy to accomodate... putting you on your knees in your living room, while she drains your wallet again and slides her fat jelly dong strap on cock into your sucking mouth... just as the wife walks in... of course wifey gets some hot humiliation at the hands of this greedy bitch, too... an ultra hot home wrecking, wife humiliation and wallet fucking erotic mp3 from the smooth, silky, cock throbbing voice of Princess Jericah.... grab your hard dick and jack off to this.

"Home Wrecker" is a hot and erotic fem dom, financial domination and humiliation erotic mp3 audio sex fantasy recording from that deliciously hot little bitch goddess, Princess Jericah for Sensual Bitch Premium Erotica. Lay back, put on your headphones and stroke your hard cock to the very hottest in story and character driven erotica available on mp3 audio today. Get off again and again for a little over of a buck a minute and blow that hot cum load all over your iPod or other mp3 player baby. And remember, when you buy 3 hot, erotic and sexy mp3s, you get the fourth one FREE. So take it out and jerk it for me, you little pay slut piggy!

"Oh you're so fucked... and so is your wife you little submissive bitch... I'm a real fucking sadist, and I love to humiliate and abuse your fucking wife nearly as much as I love to stuff my strap on cock down your throat and fuck you over financially. You wanted to be ruined, totally fucked left broke, your marriage destroyed... well, your wish is my command loser... fuck you and your wife... I'm taking everything."

Princess Jericah
Homewrecking young brat. Sexy, spoiled dominant bitch. Humiliation goddess.

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